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Legal Tech StartUp Focus Podcast

Welcome to the Legal Tech StartUp Focus podcast from your podcast host, Charlie Uniman. 

On this podcast, I'll be interviewing the people who build, invest in, comment on and use the apps made by LegalTech startups.

My guests and I will be discussing many different startup-related topics, covering, among other things, startup management and startup life, startup investing, pricing and revenue models and the factors that affect how users decide to purchase legal tech.

We’re not going to focus on legal tech per se - instead, we’ll be focusing on the startups that develop, market and sell that tech.

So, whether you’re a startup founder or investor, a lawyer or other legal professional or a law professor, law student or commentator who thinks about legal tech startups — sit back, listen and learn from my guests about just what it takes for legal tech startups to succeed.

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Dec 1, 2020

Episode 23 of the Legal Tech StartUp Focus Podcast — Interview with David Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Intellext

This is episode 23 of the Legal Tech StartUp Focus Podcast ( where your host, Charlie Uniman, interviews David Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Intellext (, a platform that offers tools for enhancing the efficiency of, collaborating on, and bringing actionable insights into the process of negotiating term sheets.

As with many legal tech startup founders, David explains how his years of experiencing the pain of dealing with the contracting process; in David’s case as a business person who negotiated the principal terms of contracts (before turning matters over to lawyers) led him, with his co-founders, to try to mend the broken process of term sheet negotiation. David goes on to describe Intellext’s approach to (i) using templates, (ii) providing what David describes as “smart highlighting” to capture the principal terms of an enterprise’s full-length contracts, (iii) integrating with Microsoft Word and email programs and (iv) using machine learning — all with the aim of getting to a negotiated term sheet more quickly, with greater adherence to enterprise negotiation guidelines and better and more consistent negotiation outcomes.

Charlie and David next cover (i) Intellext’s success in negotiating funding rounds, despite the constraints imposed by the COVID pandemic, (ii) David’s thoughts on startup pivots and his own encounters with pivoting at Intellext and (iii) Intellext’s broadening the reach of its platform to find customers in verticals adjacent to legal tech (such as fintech and proptech)