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Legal Tech StartUp Focus Podcast

Welcome to the Legal Tech StartUp Focus podcast from your podcast host, Charlie Uniman. 

On this podcast, I'll be interviewing the people who build, invest in, comment on and use the apps made by LegalTech startups.

My guests and I will be discussing many different startup-related topics, covering, among other things, startup management and startup life, startup investing, pricing and revenue models and the factors that affect how users decide to purchase legal tech.

We’re not going to focus on legal tech per se - instead, we’ll be focusing on the startups that develop, market and sell that tech.

So, whether you’re a startup founder or investor, a lawyer or other legal professional or a law professor, law student or commentator who thinks about legal tech startups — sit back, listen and learn from my guests about just what it takes for legal tech startups to succeed.

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Mar 10, 2020

Welcome to episode 10 of the Legal Tech StartUp Focus podcast ( In this episode your podcast host, Charlie Uniman, interviews Travis Luther, founder and CEO of TrialLine ( As described on its website, TrialLine offers "cloud-based mediation, trial presentation and storytelling legal timeline software for lawyers."

Charlie covers Travis' entré into legal tech, with Travis describing how it all began with a kiss (yes, really). Charlie and Travis next dive into the genesis, features and "special sauce" of the TrialLine application itself. From there, Travis discusses his customers' profile and his approach to marketing to his customers, emphasizing the success that he's had in driving customer acquisition with instructional content-creation, skillful use of social media, and deftly undertaken thought-leadership campaigns (offering CLE programs, for example).

Charlie and Travis take the discussion on to (i) what startup founder issues keep Travis up at night, (ii) how TrialLine deals with app support and training, (iii) the importance Travis attributes to keeping a razor-sharp focus on TrialLine's primary feature set (while remaining open to developing new features requested by customers), (iv) what aspect of Travis' work at TrialLine that he's most proud of, and (v) what Travis' experience was like at the 2020 ABA Tech Show (and how the presence at the show of law school professors and law students added a very welcome element to that experience).